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The greatest symbol of Brazil, also called as “The Wonderful City”, Rio de Janeiro is the perfect combination of a big metropolis, ocean and mountains. There are few cities in the world where nature is so present.

The locals are called “Cariocas”, and many times, they are envied for their informal lifestyle: flip-flops go everywhere, from the beaches to the theater, without any kind of embarrassment; and they rarely need more than a T-shirt and shorts to look good. Because of the hot weather and the beach atmosphere, informality is a rule followed by the ones who live in this city.

Cariocas are not used to arranging meetings. They simply meet by chance and and it frequently happens in the city. As usual, streets are part of their homes, so restaurants and bars host friends and acquaintances to have a glass of beer with a nice conversation. Cariocas are fun, spontaneous and unique. Do you know any other people who claps hands for the sunset? Cariocas are like that!




Here you´ll find some of what to do in Rio (believe me, there are much more) so you can enjoy this great city to the fullest. Moving around in Rio can be tricky, the city’s geography changes widely (and wildly), in ways that make moving about it challenging. Discover in just one day, a side of the city that most visitors miss and also visit all the classics of Rio de Janeiro. Explore and enjoy more of the city with us.


Check the otions of tranfers that enable you to be driven with safety, comfort and punctuality from your hotel to the airport, Buzios, Petrópolis and more.


Rio is famous for beaches and all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, biking or even hang gliding! Here you can find some of the options this very active city offers. Experience and spend your unforgettable days in Rio enjoying a taste of the local's lifestyle.


I’m Bruno Elias and I was born and raised in this marvelous city. I definitely don’t see myself living anywhere else but here. I’ve been a certified tour guide since 2010, and, as a native, I love this outdoor life, all these places are like home for me. Rio has a lot to offer and I really want you to have the best experience in “my” city. I have a great passion for Brazilian history. Having this knowledge will help you understand our society and the secrets of this diverse city, where you can find amazing places and things to do. In 2012, I founded Bike in Rio Tours, the first bike tour operator in the city. With the company established as one of the top things to do in Rio, I want to offer the visitors a better insight of the spots that can be visited here, from the traditional tourist attractions to tours off the beaten track. Rio de Janeiro has its arms wide open to welcome the world all year round, just like me. I look forward to being your guide.